Rosalind Franklin

Clinical Metabolomics Award

Clime is pleased to announce the launch of the Rosalind Franklin Clinical Metabolomics Award, in collaboration with Bruker, and the Females in Mass Spectrometry community.

Award brief description

Reimbursement of expenses for an early career scientist in the field of clinical metabolomics to visit Bruker facilities in Bremen, Germany and attend the Nordic Metabolomics Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The conference is organized by the Nordic Metabolomics Society.

  • Awardee Profile: Early-career scientists of all working environments.
  • Region: Global
  • Award Details: Visit Bruker’s state-of-the-art facilities in Germany, and attend the Nordic Metabolomics Society Conference #NMetC2022, September 6-9, 2022, in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Application due date: July 31, 2022

Download the award detailed description and instructions below:

Upcoming Events

Next event in 2023 TBA.

Past Events

Targeted Metabolomics in Clinical Applications


This hybrid meeting featured Dr. Cristina Legido Quigley, Dr. Douglas McCloskey and Dr. Kajetan Trost

Webinar on Forensic Medicine

26.10 2021

The webinar it featured the following speakers:

Dr. Juliet Kinyua, Dr. Kirstine Lykke Nielsen and Dr. Tingting Wang

Clinical Metabolomics Copenhagen 2021

26-27.08 2021

Online using Webex

The Clinical Metabolomics Copenhagen conference 2021 will bring together world leaders in the field of metabolomics to discuss the current state of the art in the clinical metabolomics field as well as to discuss projections and outlooks for the future. Topics covered during this meeting will range from novel instrumentation and methods, structure elucidation and feature annotation, and systems level data analysis and interpretation in the context of applications to human health.

The event will take place over two days in a digital format. Invited international speakers, local speakers, and speakers from industry will present on the latest research topics pertaining to clinical metabolomics during the oral sessions along with selected travel grant recipients awarded to up-and-coming researchers based on a submitted abstract.

Download program and speaker bios

Webinar 15.03.2021

The webinar it featured the following speakers:

Prof. Thomas Moritz, Dr. Svetlana Kutuzova and Dr. Andressa de Zawadzki

Watch the recorded talks in our Video Archive

Webinar 08.12.2020

The webinar it featured the following speakers:

Prof. Ove Dragsted, , Dr. Xiaomin Zhou and Dr. Katharina Herzog

Watch the recorded talks in our Video Archive

Research seminar


Rigshospitalet Building 93

The research seminar in the summer of 2019 was hosted in Rigshopilatelt with the help of Mette Christensen, it featured the following speakers: Thomas Moritz, Pär Johansson, Christian B. Mollerup, Kajetan Trost, Henrik Munch Roager and Tu Hu

Download the agenda here

Research seminar at DTU


With around 40 attendees, our first seminar was a success. We were excited to receive Douglas Kell and Elsebet Østergaard as keynote speakers, as well as five local speakers (Daniela Rago, Alessia Trimigno, Peter Henriksen, Ana Rita Freitas Colaco, Francesco Russo).

Clincal Metabolimics Copenhagen Conference 2018

Experimentarium 25-26.10.2018

Our first conference funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation was a great success with more than 150 signed up attendees. Over two days, we received eminent speakers from Europe and North America, such as Pieter Dorrestein, Florence Raynaud, Cristina Legido-Quigley, David Wishart, Gabi Kastenmüller, Lars Nielsen, Marta Cascante Serratosa, Nils Færgeman, among others. The second day was dedicated to more “workshop-like” practical presentations. You can see the full program here.